Mole•Master Redesigns Silo and Bin Cleaning System

Mole•Master, industry leaders in do-it-yourself silo and bin cleaning systems, now offers a new hydraulic cutting head option (JR360H) as well as the previously available pneumatic cutting head (JR360P) as part of their Junior360º™ series.

The Junior™ 360º’s redesign and its new options were all done to enhance ease of operation and improve worker safety.

Drummond is now able to offer customers a choice of a pneumatic cutting head or a hydraulic cutting head. The JR360H system simply requires access to electricity, whereas the JR360P system requires an air compressor or plant air.

The hydraulic cutting head provides the operator with greater torque and higher RPM motor.

With the JuniorTM 360º lineup, lost storage capacity is still restored quickly, safely and economically without the risk of product contamination. As always, the unit provides 100% coverage of the vessel’s interior walls from its original set-up position.

The JuniorTM 360º silo and bin cleaning system the following features:

  • Hydraulically assisted sectional boom, providing the flexibility to adapt to different size vessels
  • Pneumatically or hydraulically actuated cutting head, featuring interchangeable blades, flails, or chain cutters engineered to safely remove a wide variety of materials
  • New chain cutter, or whip mounts, which swivel into the hydraulic cutting head to keep the overall diameter of the cutting head to 5”

Another great feature of the hydraulic cutting head, is that it is significantly smaller in diameter (5”) than any head on the market, enabling it to fit into extremely small flow channels or rat holes without losing any power or cleaning capacity. A smaller diameter lessens time to enlarge the flow channel.

A hydraulic cylinder and fixed length cable can raise and lower the boom, providing superior control while eliminating costly gear reducers and associated parts.

The silo and bin cleaning system remains easy to transport and to assemble, making it a great choice for do-it-yourself cleanout projects. Plus, the Junior™ 360º’s flexibility and range eliminate the need for workers to enter bins or silos during cleanout, dramatically increasing worker safety in the process.

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