Zallys Jespi

Zallys Jespi

The Jespi has multiple indoor and outdoor usages. It is often used for moving luggage and other goods in transportation facilities such as airports and is suitable in the handling of stocked pallets and for clean-up operations in large parks and gardens.

This electric platform trolley can be equipped with many accessories and flatcars. The tiller arm folds back over the machine to take up minimum room, and the swivel tiller head is equipped with a safety sensor.


Features and Benefits:

  • 5 km/h
  • Load capacity on flat ground of 600 kg (1322 lb)
  • Load capacity (on flat ground with reinforced drive axle shafts) of 1000 kg (2204 lbs)
  • 30% maximum slope with load
  • Collapsible tiller arm 
  • Versatile in many work situations 
  • Works well on uneven ground
  • UL certified with high-quality materials