Zallys Jack L 1200W 1/32

Zallys Jack L 1200W 1/32

This 3-wheeled on-board personnel carrier works on a variety of surfaces. It is used to transport personnel and merchandise and for inspection and maintenance in hospitals, industrial facilities, airports, warehouses, greenhouses and markets.

To ensure complete safety at full load, the Jack L 1200W 1/32 has two-brake systems: an electric lever on the handlebar and a mechanical pedal. The low foot board and high seat make for quick and comfortable boarding and departure for operators. A multi-purpose platform on the back of the vehicle is easily accessed from the driver’s seat.


Features and Benefits:

  • 10 km/hr
  • Load capacity of 150 kg (331 lbs)
  • Towing capacity of 1500 kg (3307 lbs)
  • 20% maximum slope with load
  • Excellent stability and control for up to 8 hours on flat surfaces
  • UL certified with high-quality materials