Safe-T-Shot CO2 blasting equipment is a secure and effective way to remove toughened or compacted materials. Each powerful CO2 blast directly targets difficult-to-remove rings, dislodging tons of hardened, compacted material with one electrically ignited cartridge.

This equipment is specifically designed to quickly, safely and efficiently remove hardened build-up in silos and kilns.


Features and Benefits:

  • A powerful, adaptable and safe DIY system
  • Does not damage silo or kiln linings; no contamination of atmosphere or products
  • No flash fires within kilns or silos (CO2 is non-flammable)
  • Suitable for Cement Manufacturing, Mining, Tunneling and Demoltion
  • Operated by a one- or two-man crew working on the outside of the kiln or silo, thus dramatically improving worker safety over methods requiring shifts of workers entering kilns and becoming exposed to extreme heat, falling debris and contaminated air
  • Significantly decreases downtime and expenses because it doesn’t require kiln to be cooled down for worker entry and reheated to the proper operating temperature
  • Lifespan is close to 20 years; can be reused repeatedly
  • Meets or exceeds all government regulations

For information on the Safe Shot™ build-up removal system, click here.