Junior 360º™

The Junior 360º represents a technological breakthrough in silo and bin cleanout equipment. This unit’s modular design allows for placement in virtually any vessel regardless of shape or size.

Options include the JR360P with a pneumatically actuated cutting head or the JR360H with a hydraulic cutting head small enough in diameter to fit into extremely small flow channels or rat holes without losing power or cleaning ability.

The JR360 series is the perfect DIY equipment choice for silo and bin cleanout projects.


Features and Benefits:

  • Operates with a hydraulically adjustable boom and crane-bearing mount, allowing for unlimited positioning (360°) of the cutting head and total coverage of the vessel’s interior walls from the initial entry point.
  • Hydraulically actuated cutting head and boom allow for adaptation to different sized vessels
  • Small diameter cutting head (5”) is smallest in the industry, resulting in  less time spent drilling or working to enlarge the flow channel
  • Hose reel is independent from boom assembly for easy set-up in close quarters
  • Raising and lowering the boom is accomplished by hydraulic cylinder and fixed length cable for superior control and the elimination of costly gear reducers and other expensive parts
  • Positive mounting to vessel opening for safe operating; custom mounting bases available for adapting to any roof opening
  • Double-wire braid hose for added strength prevents twisting and collapsing; available in lengths up to 200′ or 60.69 m.
  • Cutting head has interchangeable blades, flails, or chain cutters engineered to safely remove a wide variety of materials
  • New mast assembly now features two different height adjustments to allow operator to easily work around roof beams or other obstacles inside the silo or bin
  • Lightweight, all-aluminum construction eliminates sparking
  • Lost storage capacity is restored quickly, safely and economically without risk of product contamination
  • Eliminates need for potentially hazardous human entry 
  • Easy to transport and assemble
  • Portable, flexible and safe
  • Complies with all applicable regulations